“Spirit Cooking” is Stranger Than Anyone Thought

This article is a Saturnalia Sundown production
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[Note: Just a little preface, this will be pretty long and complicated. Please bear with me. This will also not be retreading typical πŸ•gate material, I think I’ve found something new.]

Abramovic is in the news again.

This time it’s for the pulled Microsoft ad featuring her.

A few days later, she allegedly had her email addresses leaked to 4chan; I tried logging into these ~10 minutes after they were posted, no dice.

(Perhaps a distraction from the Wuhan leak?)

The Microsoft ad is particularly interesting to me.

Abramovic has been interested in cybernetics and their intersection with mysticism for decades, some of her earliest works deal with the intersection of bodies, systems, technology, etc.

Her work is also unsubtly tinged with western occult themes.

This has led to accusations of her being an occultist, a “Crowleyite”, or perhaps practicing Thelema, which I don’t think are exactly untrue.

If we look at her aesthetic presentation it immediately jumps out at me that she appears to be an archetypal Scarlet Woman.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term it’s a woman within Thelema who embodies or is an avatar of the goddess Babalon.

Abramovic’s themes of female sexuality, menstruation, sex magic, frequently being dressed in red, all point to her wanting to portray this in her art (which, as we should all know, is inseparable from magical practice).

Look at her Microsoft ad again.

Abramovic, dressed in black, regards her ghostly VR representation, dressed in red. It seems to me she is confronted with herself as she is in her art, a Scarlet Woman.

At the end of the ad she says being immortalized in VR will allow her “work” to live forever, even after she’s dead.

Again, is the talking about an artwork, or a magical work? Is there a difference?

So, we all know what Abramovic is most famous for… her Spirit Cooking piece.

While Spirit Cooking rose to prominence due to the controversy surrounding the 2016 election, what many don’t know is that it was first published in 1996.

So let’s really dive deep on this.

While the typical move among conspiracy theorists has been to accuse this of being a “satanic” work, I think there’s something much stranger going on here.

Note that Spirit Cooking is published as “aphrodisiac recipes”, that’s important

Each page lists a strange recipe, with cryptic instructions.

Now, this is a little strange, but let’s immediately jump to the recipe on page 27, I think it’ll make something clear.

This routine of sexual and sensory denial reminds me of something.

Have you heard of the Abramelin working?

It’s a renaissance (maybe) text, which deals with how to summon your Holy Guardian Angel (HGA).

If you read the text, it deals with how a Jewish magician named Abraham of Worms travels to Egpyt to learn this technique from Abramelin the mage.

The book lays out a process of sexual and dietary denial which is meant to facilitate the Angel’s arrival, and concludes with summoning the greatest powers of Hell and binding them to the magicians service with the Angel’s help.

The Book of Abramelin was prominently (mis) translated by MacGregor Mathers in 1897. Crowley attempted the ritual twice, but failed both times. Many say this led to his mental decline and fall into addiction, I’m not sure if this is true.

Now this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s difficult not to notice how similar these names are, Abramovic and Abramelin. As far as I can tell Abramovic is Marina’s real name, so I doubt she changed it to match.

If you look into Abramovic’s past this is interesting though, wikipedia says she’s descended from “Red Bourgeoisie” in Serbia. Accusations of communism aside, it’s funny to me that you could perhaps say she’s descended from, say, 𝘴𝘀𝘒𝘳𝘭𝘦𝘡 bourgeoisie.

You’ll also observe that page 27 lists almond oil as an ingredient. The most famous component of the Abramelin working is Abramelin oil, which is a central ingredient in many Thelemic rituals, such as the Cake of Light many of you have heard of.

The inclusion of royal jelly is also interesting to me, as this is the material that turns a bee larva into a queen.

Clearly symbolic of a transformational initiation.

Now let’s look at the recipe on page 7.

Breast milk and sperm.

This is again clearly evocative of Crowley’s recipe for the cakes of light. Remember breast milk, that will be very important.

Now, quick aside, there are two references to fingers in the text, on page 10 and page 24. The middle finger of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand.

Consulting the planetary correspondences of the fingers we can see this could be talking about Saturn and Mercury, or more specifically Scorpio in Saturn and Aries in Mercury.

What this means I’m not sure, but Saturn is severe (pain, cutting) and Mercury can reference magic/art..

So this is all very interesting, it’s clearly some kind of magical ritual.

But here’s where it gets crazy.

Page 4 and Page 36 both reference quartz as an important stone, important enough to begin and end the book with.

If we look up quartz in Crowley’s Liber 777 we find it has a qabbalistic correspondence with 9.

The first recipe also references 9 many times…

Now, Crowley also lists the qabbalistic correspondences of ailments.

What is 9’s? Impotence.

Abramovic writing this as a list of aphrodisiacs suddenly makes a lot more sense.

9 is also the number of the Goddess Diana, and Crowley references a phallic stone in correspondence. What could this mean?

Well, the Temple of Diana at Ephesus was allegedly built at the spot where a phallic meteor landed.

The stone was carved into this famous depiction of Diana, replete with dozens of breasts…

And suddenly the Spirit Cooking page referencing a meteor makes a lot more sense…

Is this some kind of lewd joke? Keeping a meteor (a phallic one corresponding to Diana) in your mouth?

Now, Diana, lewd sex magic, what does this remind you of? Have you ever read Crowley’s Moonchild?

The text deals with a woman impregnated and her child raised in a temple to Diana.. Many believe this was an instruction manual for summoning the antichrist…

And if we compare the segment in Moonchild to page 16 of Spirit Cooking, well the reference to Volcanoes makes a lot more sense.

So something is definitely going on here, what it isn’t ain’t exactly clear (to me, yet).

Now, let’s look at page 33 of Spirit Cooking referencing pythons.

While the Greek allusion to Python (sacred to Delphic oracles..) is interesting, this is also clearly a reference to Abramovic’s 1990 work “Boat Emptying, Stream Entering” performed at the Third Eye Center.

During the performance one of Abramovic’s pythons named Solomon escaped.

Such a strange tale, I feel like there’s a lot going on here.

Now, continuing with the theme of 9s, moon goddesses, and Delphic mysteries, let’s look at the Tarot.

9 obviously corresponds with the 9s, and if we look at the 9 of wands it’s hard not to notice moon imagery (as well as Arrows, sacred to Diana).

Even more curiously, the 9 of wands is Strength.

Now in most tarot decks Strength is in the Major Arcana, not Minor. In the Thoth tarot Crowley switched Strength out for Lust, which portrays Babalon, the Godess of Scarlet Women (and much more).

So, Diana, Babalon, sex magic, Delphic mysteries, milk, blood, something crazy is going on here.

This is as far as I’ve been able to take it, I don’t like looking at Abramovic’s art.

She’s like if Rupi Kuar was a creepy menstrual sex magician.

Wait… couldn’t be…

This has been a Saturnalia Sundown production
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