Adrenochrome: The Psychedelic Immortality Serum of the Elites

By Saturnalia Sundown
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It’s an old conspiracy theory, back in vogue due to current events.

While I cannot comment as to the veracity of what’s happening right now with celebrities and China, I’ve still found some interesting stuff.

You already know the gist of it.

Adrenochrome, a derivative molecule formed by oxidation of Adrenaline or Epinephrine.

Elites supposedly take it to prolong their lives, and to have powerful mind altering trips.

Illuminati card game
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The source? Blood, perhaps of a terrified child.

Accusations of blood libel extend to the beginning of history.

That power or longevity can be extracted from the blood of youth is one of the oldest tropes in existence, and continues to be relevant in powerful circles today.

But let’s look at the history of Adrenochrome proper.

The first studies on it were conducted in the 1950’s, by Humphrey Osmond and Abram Hoffer.

Good ol’ Humphrey Osmond
Abram Hoffer

Humphrey Osmond?

If you’ve been following my series on psychedelic history he’s a familiar face.

He conducted some of the first research into mescaline and LSD.

He actually coined the term psychedelic.

He was also the first person to provide Aldous Huxley with mescaline in 1953, which led to the writing of The Doors of Perception (1954).

Aldous Huxley

Huxley had been turned onto mescaline by Aleister Crowley, but was supplied by Osmond.

Aleister Crowley, “The Wickedest Man in the World”

Osmond was in deep with the highest Anglo-American elite families of the 20th century.

He was close friends with a number of members of secret societies and those who would go on to form the backbone of the OSS and CIA.

MKULTRA wouldn’t have been possible without the work of Osmond and his friends.

Osmond developed an interesting theory, that the oxidation of Adrenalin into Adrenochrome could have powerful effects in the brain, leading to schizophrenia and psychotic episodes.

Administration of adrenochrome induced hallucinations in patients already diagnosed with psychosis.

Now let’s look at what his associate Abram Hoffer was up to.

Hoffer went as far as saying Adrenochrome was the cause of schizophrenia, and that schizophrenia could be cured…

Via megadoses of vitamin C and Niacin.

Niacin, look at that.

Highlighted: “[Niacin] to prevent the conversion of noradrenaline into adrenaline…” and “[Vitamin C] “to prevent the oxidation of adrenaline to adrenochrome.”
Highlighted: “…they speculated that megadoses of Vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome.”

Now, besides some amateur organic chemistry in college, I’m no expert.

But it’s difficult not to notice how similar the Niacin (Niacinimide) molecule is to Nicotinic Acid, or Nicotine.

And how odd is it that schizophrenics smoke cigarettes at a vastly elevated rate compared to the general population?

Could they be seeking out niacin due to deficiency, or could nicotine be similar enough to have palliative effects?

Who else likes large doses of niacin?

Scientologists, of course.

The “Purification Rundown” that L. Ron Hubbard developed in the 1950s involves megadoses of niacin to treat radiation sickness, drug addiction, and mental illness.

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology
“He claimed to have discovered that large doses of vitamins could both alleviate and prevent radiation sickness.”

And how odd it is that in the 1950s Hubbard actually knew Osmond, buying mescaline from him and later supplying his elite crew with large quantities of LSD.

Where was Hubbard getting LSD?

This is as far as I’ve been able to go.

Again, I am not a medical professional, but reading between the lines here there seems to be a strange relationship between Adrenochrome, schizophrenia, niacin, and the people who would bring us the CIA and MKULTRA.