WWIII is Spiritual: Unmask, Revolt Against the Matrix, and Do This For 3 Minutes a Day

The “Unmask” project, created by designers Simone Rebaudengo and Paul Adams, is not what you think.

It’s a mask. And it “shows” your emotions — frowning or smiling, really — on an LED screen.

It’s the most inhuman, doublespeak project any journalist could praise in 2020…

(And, no surprise, some of them have.)

UnMask - the concept of the mask that will show your emotions

We don’t want you to “unmask” in some dystopian way… with a bundle of wires, sensors, and batteries pressed against your lips.

Rather, we want you to rip that mask off of your face (both literally and figuratively) and say “No more.”

For that, today we’ve turned to controversial figure Sacha Stone.

In his latest interview, he dives into the true nature of reality… the COVID-19 Plandemic… and who the Powers That Wannabe really are (and what they really want).

You know the drill.

Check out the video below, or click the timestamps.

  • 1:54 “The Babylonian Dominoes Game” & What the COVID-19 Plandemic Mask Really Means: “Let’s just look at one totem that is being pushed into our faces right now, literally… the mask.” Plus, how the invisible masters – banksters, gangsters, and the Powers that Wannabe – control the world’s population with a flick of the wrist.

  • 6:00 DREAM Spell 2.0: How you, a sovereign being, are being invited to give up your soul to DREAMSPELL 2.0. “Which is to self-impose and self exile against reason and reality… to self-isolate and disidentify with the only thing that matters in this world… which is our capacity to love and be loved. That’s genius!”

  • 9:23 The Mark of the Beast is Coming: “Wearing a mask on your face is one degree away from accepting the Mark of the Beast… and the Mark of the Beast is coming. It’s coming in the shape of a RFID nanochip vaccine program.”

  • 11:22 The Invisible Masters: “Creatures who are not entirely human… essentially demonically possessed” … and these are people who have incrementally been involved in a culture of destruction… of human dignity… integrity… love… and compassion.

  • 12:47 Ritual Satanic Abuse is Real: “The stories you hear are unbelievably ugly… and just disgusting. The brownie points go to the satanist who is able to dream up the greatest sacrilege.”

  • 16:05 Bankster Mages and Media Witches: “We are not allowed to control our own wealth and our own prosperity and abundance… We’re not allowed to control our own flow of information because weaponized media… which lies through its fucking teeth 24 hours a day… the spells are cast using very advanced neuro-linguistic programming methodology as well.”

  • 16:40 Weaponized Everything: Academia… healthcare industry… agrochemical industry… “They rely on governments of the world to enforce their laws… but their not laws, their codes… ordinances… statutes… but that does not make them laws. And this is what we’re waking up to right now. YOU DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW A CODE!”

  • 19:27 They Want Your Soul: “It’s because the invisible mastery have been engineering a scenario which is inviting humans into surrendering themselves up for sacrifice at the soul level and then converting their bodies into a reformatted expression.”

  • 20:38 Why You Chose to Be Here: “Why we chose to soul migrate and incarnate into this world over possibly millions of years… certainly hundreds of thousands of years… in multiple expressions and incarnations… why? We did it because we are that spark of Atman”

  • 21:28 We’re at the Precipice of a Golden Age: We’re at this transitional rubicon point. We can’t hide behind our personas, society, religion, kids, parents… we’re on the pivot point of emancipation, planetary enlightenment, and the most ecstatic blissful expression as a species.

  • 23:14 The Archetype of the Apocalypse: “Let the world still play into the masking and the apocalyptic scenarios… but you must follow your soul covenant… disidentify with the zombie regime. Disavow. No contract. Thank you. I salute you for teaching me. I am no longer going to allow any aspect of myself to kneel to the agenda.

  • 28:18 Revolt Against the Matrix: “I recommend one sets fire to anything that is externalized… the quickest path to one’s own enlightenment is through one’s own dominion. Align yourself entirely to right action. Submit yourself entirely to truth.

  • 30:13 Step Away From the Matrix Projections: “Everything that you say, think, and that you feel are essentially the same thing. They are all connected to false logic, false light, false impressions, projections, psycho-emotional reflexes, psychointellectual judgments, psychosexual addictions and so on. Step away from all of that and into your KNOWING.”

  • 31:00 3 Minutes a Day: Take your consciousness at this spot in your body for 3 minutes a day. Remember who you are. And then you know. “And now move into the world and speak bullshit. At least your bullshit will have some resonance to it.”