Defeat Racism With One Weird Trick — Explained in Less Than Five Minutes

COVID-19 was supposed to be the top villain of 2020.

But 2020 had other plans.

Today, it’s the scourge of racism that has, almost overnight, eradicated all of corona-bro’s gains.

Since we’re all focused on the latter…

I suggest we can, once and for all, begin to heal the racial divide in America… with “one weird trick.”

And this trick is so simple…

I can explain it to you in less than five minutes.

Not just that, I’ll even show you living, breathing PROOF this trick works.

That way, we can get a head start on prepping for what we all know is coming…

2020’s Grand Finale…

Flying whales and the space alien invasion.

Singapore’s “Dirty Little Secret

This trick is so simple — and requires so little ego — it’s no wonder we often, despite it staring us in the face, find ourselves avoiding it all costs.

Step one requires us to stop trying to reinvent the wheel, and rather…

Focus on what works… and do that.

To which, the question is begged…

What can we learn from those societies that do well in this arena?

Singapore, one of the most religiously and racially diverse cultures in the world, might hold some hints.

Though it isn’t perfect by any means…

It certainly beats the heck out of today’s hyper-divided America.

George Siosi Samuels, a Singapore native, suggests the secret behind Singapore’s success is simple.

What makes all the difference — and what sets Singapore apart from America — is how the countries frame their intentions.

“Singapore,” Samuels said in a recent interview, “doesn’t use the term ‘anti-racism,’ they have ‘racial harmony.’ The use of words is important. Even the anti-whatever… whatever you are ‘anti’… it will always have to exist for you to be anti-that.”

It’s not an original thought…

But an important one. 

Alan Watts famously said, “Saints need sinners.”

Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

“War on Racism”

Given what we’ve learned in the past three (or so) minutes, should we really expend all of our blood, sweat, and tears trying to “destroy racism”?

To me, it sounds a lot like the “War on Drugs”… or the “War on Poverty”.

(How’d that work out?)

These costly escapades — in their effort to “destroy” the enemy — only created the exact environment for the enemy to flourish.

The paradox of war: We become heavily invested in creating the thing we are heavily invested in destroying.

A much better way to “fight” drug dependence and degradation, we have learned, is to create more opportunities for independence and elevation.

A much better way to “fight” poverty, we know, is to focus on abundance — and on fostering an environment in which poverty has a hard time keeping up. 

A much better way to “fight” racism is to create the circumstances which emphasize more of its opposite — harmony and cooperation.

The keyword being “create” and not “destroy.”

The key focus being on the potential harmony behind every bush… and not on the potential division behind every leaf…

The key focus being on the potential cooperation in every movement forward… and not on the potential bigotry in every thought, word, and deed that could set us back.

We suffer from the tyranny of low expectations. For ourselves and our neighbors.

Perhaps all this seems like a trifling distinction… too simple to be worthy of our overcomplicated time.

But I would suggest — both individually and as a nation — the way we frame our goals has everything to do with whether or not we’ll achieve them. 

And I would venture to guess that most of us actually want more harmony…

And not simply just less racism.

If you need proof that this “one weird trick” works… even in the most extreme situations possible…

Look no further than a true American hero…

A man by the name of Daryl Davis.

– FL