Psychic Speaks: American Riots, Golden Age, and the Split of Timelines

Header pic by Jordan Galland

Becca is a seer of the Matrix.

Disclaimer: Use your own discretion. Don’t look for gurus. You are your own. Follow your own discernment.

She has some incredible information about the nature of reality, and what’s coming down the pike.

If this sounds crazy, you’ve only scratched the surface.

As we say in our private newsletter, The Ribbit Hole, “Nothing is as crazy as it seems.”


Here are some highlights.

First things first…

If you are worried about the riots, says Becca, don’t worry.

Connect with your heart.

Your heart will guide you.

The cabal wanted to topple the financial system and drive a heart into America.

The plan will fail.

They wanted to start a civil war between races.

The plan will fail.

In the future, our technology will not dominate our reality.

In fact, it will become less fascinating. We will realize that media, schools, smartphones, and news all gets in the way of connecting with our heart consciousness.

We will start to reject TV, the media, our gadgets, the lot.

These things are artificial representations of our inherent abilities.

“The reason the brain is easy to program,” says Becca, “is because it’s supposed to be programmed by our heart-consciousness.

‘They’ know this.

It’s the reason the media works so hard to control our brains.

Be careful to stay connected to your heart.

It’s your “golden ticket” into the Golden Age.

“The people who don’t connect to their heart will be detached from Gaia, and she’s going to reject them.”

The people that choose their hearts, and heal their hearts, will not be affected by the dark reality.

Although it will remain in our reality for some time, you will not resonate with it and it will become more and more distant.

Colors will become more vibrant, more beautiful. Life will become like a dream.

But, in reality, we’re seeing ourselves and the world for the first time.

And, finally, the nightmare is over.


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