Fake SpaceX Launch? “Bro, That’s a Mouse!”

Did Space-X just fake its recent launch?

Hard to say. But this is weird!

The video you’re about to see (below) certainly raises questions.

Over the years, people have claimed Elon Musk was faking his SpaceX launches.

I largely ignored them because… you know… this is the Internet.

The theory? SpaceX doesn’t have real rockets.

Instead, they have great graphics cards and video editors who edit in real-time to fake “live” launches.

Elon Musk even admitted the video of the Starman launch looked fake.

Though fake launches seem fairly far-fetched… as the tagline of our private newsletter, The Ribbit Hole, goes:

Nothing is as crazy as it seems.

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We must ask…

Why was a mouse crawling nonchalantly on the rocket???