Download and File Form 95: You’re a Lab Rat. It’s Time to Fight Back.

“You have been forced into an experiment in which you did not give consent.”

And, now, he encourages you to push back.

“It’s called Standard Form 95,” says Martin.

According to David Martin…

It’s your pathway to find a criminal or a civil liability… define it… and seek redress from the agency of the federal government that harmed you.

“What’s harm? If you lost your job. If you lost customers. If you were physically harmed because you couldn’t go the doctor.”

They are REQUIRED by law to respond.

But the story goes deeper…. and Martin’s traced back the illegal activity leading up to today’s “pandemic.”

Watch video below for full details.

Form 95 download:…

Example form 95 claim:…

Form 95 addendum (include this with your form, it outlines the basis for the claim):…

(Watch the video starting at 19:00 minutes to see WHAT to put on the document.)