Busting Loose From the Money Game

BUSTING LOOSE From The Money Game

Here are key points in the book, Busting Loose From the Money Game.


To make Phase 1 of the Human Game work, all Truth must be distorted or skewed to keep you away from it—and your power.

Part of the Phase 1 strategy involves teasing yourself into believing you can fix things, improve things, get things running smoothly, get everything you want, become wealthy, and happy.

By design, however, that can never happen while you’re playing Phase 1 of the Human Game.. despite what all the self-help, success, personal growth, and spiritual gurus claim.

This is a subtle but very important distinction to “get

At their core, movies, The Human Game, and The Money Game are all about feelings, not thinking, logic, or intellect.

Dive into anything in the physical world and if you go deep enough, you end up at the Field.

Consciousness creates everything you experience, down to the smallest detail (including money and every aspect of The Money Game).

You and your Expanded Self are Consciousness, so you are creating everything you experience, down to the smallest detail (including money and every aspect of The Money Game).

The Human Game is a game being played entirely in Consciousness, and every detail is custom-designed by your Expanded Self to support you in playing The Human Game the precise way you want to play it.

You aren’t “watching” your Human Game hologram like you’d watch a movie, play, or sporting event. Your Expanded Self is simultaneously creating the hologram and popping you right smack into the middle of it as the player of The Human Game.

If any detail in the holographic illusion misses the mark or appears fake, the illusion instantly collapses and The Human Game ends. That can’t be allowed to happen, so tremendous effort is invested to make everything appear absolutely real and convincing.

Actually pulling off the illusion of the playing field, the amusement park for The Human Game, and making everyone and everything appear absolutely real, is an amazing accomplishment and one of the most amazing aspects of who we really are and how much power we really have.

You + Your Expanded Self = Consciousness

As hard as it may be to believe, when other players appear in your hologram, they’re 100 percent your creation. No one has any power or independent decision-making authority in
your hologram beyond what your Expanded Self gives them through their “scripts” to
support you on your Human Game journey.

There’s no power outside of you in your hologram—not in anyone, not in anything. YOU have all the power in your hologram.


Everything in Phase 2 is the exact opposite of the way it is in Phase 1.

Money doesn’t come from the hologram. It comes from you and the Field.

Abundance Just Is!

It takes the same amount of power and effort to create any illusion in the hologram—no matter how you’d choose to judge, label, or describe it.

You don’t have to “create” financial abundance. It’s already there. It always was. You just hid it from yourself. In Phase 2, you simply rediscover and open into it.

There isn’t “real” and “unreal” in your hologram. Everything in your hologram is unreal. Everything is just a belief.

There’s no power in the hologram. All the power comes from you and is stored in a pattern in the Field, the true source of everything in your hologram—including you as the Persona or star of your total immersion movie.

It takes much less time to reclaim power in Phase 2 than it took to hide it in Phase 1.

Whenever you create and experience the illusion of receiving a good or service in your
hologram, there are three aspects of the creation to appreciate:

  1. Yourself for how amazing you had to be to make the illusion appear so real.
  2. Your creation—be it person, place, or thing—for how amazingly real it seems,
    how perfectly he, she, or it is supporting you in playing the Human Game, and the
    specific benefit you received from it (the enjoyment of the meal, clothing, race,
    mountain climb, glass of champagne, and so on).
  3. The Creative Process that made 1 and 2 possible.

The real purpose of money is to express appreciation for the magnificence of yourself as the Creator of everything you experience and the magnificence of all your creations as you create and experience them.

Your supply of money does not decrease as you spend. It actually loops back and then increases.

The words you say to yourself to express appreciation don’t matter. It’s the feelings the words help you create within yourself that count.

It’s possible and very easy to fully appreciate what you already have, even if you may choose to create something else at another time.

If you feel any form of discomfort at all, you apply The Process.


Just feel the energy of the discomfort as much as you’ll allow yourself to. No thinking, no logic, no intellect, no judgment, no labeling.

Just feel it.

Meanwhile, bring in the opposite. Neutralize this fear with an affirmation of the truth of who you really are.

I am an eternal soul.

I am infinitely abundant.

I am a master creator.

My consciousness is a powerful magnet.

In the beginning, everything may sound like empty words. That’s okay.

Say them anyway and feel them as much as you can. Over time, they become more and more and more real to you—naturally.

You must always really feel The Truth behind the words you use!

You don’t always have to apply The Process “in the heat of the moment.”

Until you reclaim power from an egg/pattern, it will continue to appear real, act real, and
have power over you.

In Phase 1, you want to make bad feelings go away. In Phase 2, you say “bring them on” so you can reclaim your power from the limiting eggs you installed in the Field.

In Phase 1, you told yourself over and over, ad infinitum, “money is real, the checking account is real, the numbers are real, The Money Game is real.”

In Phase 2, you reverse the process and repeat to yourself over and over, “It’s an illusion, it’s an illusion, I’m creating it, I’m creating it,” as you reclaim your power from it.

In Phase 2, nothing has any significance, importance, meaning, stability, or solidity except to the extent to which it supports you in using the four treasure hunting tools.

Your Expanded Self is driving the bus in Phase 2. You can’t make a mistake, mess anything up, or blow it. You just trust your Expanded Self and flow with what you feel inspired or motivated to do, moment to moment.

As you do the Phase 2 work, you must always remember the treasure that awaits you at the end of the journey.

It’s worth it!

In Phase 1, you’re taught “fast is better.” In Phase 2, speed is irrelevant. It’s the ultimate goal of playing The Human Game without limits or restrictions you’re after.

The timetable has no importance and will be absolutely perfect for you, no matter how long it takes.


Once you reclaim power, it’s yours again. You can’t lose it.

Once you expand, you stay expanded. You don’t ever shrink or slide backward.

You can’t judge a creation, reclaim power from it and collapse its pattern simultaneously.

It’s simply not possible.

When you get to the point in Phase 2 where you can truly say “I want to create X” from the place of simply wanting to experience the pure joy of playing with that creation, you can create it.

However, if you’re not fully appreciating what you’ve already created, or there’s the slightest bit of judgment or Phase 1 energy in the “wish” to create something, it will not pop into your hologram.

If you want to bust loose from The Money Game, you don’t care what the illusions look like in your hologram along the way. You just go with the flow and apply your four treasure hunting tools as the opportunities arise.

You can’t simultaneously continue believing what you convinced yourself was true in Phase 1 and bust loose from The Money Game. It’s not possible.

They’re mutually exclusive activities.

Your Expanded Self knows you better than you could ever possibly know yourself. He or She never gives you more than He or She knows you can handle.

Even if you think you’re overwhelmed or past your limit, you’re not and you can handle it.

Just apply The Process with the absolute certainty that you’re going to be just fine.

Phase 2 is not about figuring things out, logic, or intellect. It’s about feelings and direct experiences.

Understanding is the booby prize in Phase 2.

Never underestimate what it took to convince yourself the illusion was real and you were the exact opposite of who you really are.

You don’t proactively make things happen or “manifest results” in Phase 2. You simply do the Phase 2 work and as you do it, as more and more clouds get dissolved and more and more of the sun of who you really are starts shining in.

When that happens, your hologram changes on its own—naturally—in amazing ways.

Everything you’ve discovered so far will get more and more real and your understanding of its Truth will deepen as you continue to reclaim power and expand your Consciousness.

There’s absolutely no relationship between what happens for you in Phase 2 and what happens for someone else.

Busting loose from The Money Game isn’t about creating the illusion of more money appearing to flow to you through traditional channels like a business, job, investments, or inheritance, although you can certainly create and play with such illusions if you choose to.

It’s about opening to infinite abundance and creative opportunity. Infinite is infinite.

It’s not something you measure, track or count.

Nothing in the hologram is real, including government institutions like the Social Security Administration. It’s all a creation of consciousness and can therefore be molded according to the intentions of your Expanded Self.

When a creation gets popped into your hologram to support you in doing the Phase 2 work, it only stays long enough to support you in doing the work.

Once you do the work and the job has been done, the creation will disappear since there’s no longer a reason for it to be there.

Everyone in your hologram is an actor saying and doing what you ask them to say and do. There’s no such thing as in character or out of character. There’s just what you ask them to say and do.

Once you cross the Busting Loose Point, absolutely everything in your hologram has a question mark after it and absolutely nothing is etched in stone.

Every Infinite Being creates His or Her own unique Busting Loose Point and what comes
before and after crossing it.

After crossing the Busting Loose Point, you just express appreciation for all the creations you choose to experience (in the illusory form of cash, checks, credit cards, or other transfers) with absolute certainty that your Infinite Abundance is real and the money will take care of itself—however it takes care of itself.

After you cross the Busting Loose Point, money can still appear to come from the hologram (although it doesn’t need to) but you’ll know it doesn’t. You’ll know it comes from you, your Consciousness, a pattern in the Field, and your power.

The story line of how it appears to show up is just how you chose to express your infinite abundance for maximum enjoyment and fun.

You qualify for Cosmic Overdraft Protection the minute you cross the Busting Loose Point.

Infinite is infinite. There are no limits of any kind once you cross the Busting Loose Point. It’s just a question of how you want to play The Human Game and what would be fun and joyful for you.

Each time you apply The Process, you expand, change, and actually become a different person who desires different things.

That’s another reason for taking life one moment at a time in Phase 2. Why plan for the future, even just a few days forward, when you don’t know who you’ll be or what you’ll want when you get there (i.e., create it)?

The what you do in Phase 2 doesn’t matter. How and why you do it and the overall level of joyfulness and fun you receive from the experience is what matters.

In Phase 2, you can play any game you want, even it still appears to be a Phase 1 game.

You just play differently. You can also create entirely new games no one has ever thought of before.

In Phase 2, nothing is about other people anymore. It’s all about you, your fun, your joy, your expansion, and everyone else comes along for the ride to support you in playing your games.

Opening to your Infinite Abundance means letting go of thoughts and concerns about how you will receive it or how you must act to receive it.

Limited is limited (no matter how big the numbers appear to get), infinite is infinite, who you really are is infinite and infinite is where you want be after crossing the Busting Loose Point.

As you move more deeply into Phase 2, you continue taking life one moment at a time, living in reactive mode, following the lead of your Expanded Self, using the treasure hunting tools and following what brings you joyfulness.

It’s not possible for anyone to treat you badly, or reject you or anything you say or do in your hologram. All you can do is create the illusion of it and convince yourself it’s real.

Once those patterns collapse, nothing but the appreciation that’s your natural state can be expressed by or to you.

Whether you launch yourself immediately into Phase 2, you launch yourself soon, or you remain in Phase 1 a while longer, the answer to the question “Now what?” is the same.

You do what you feel motivated or inspired to do, before or after applying The Process to any discomfort you feel.

Expansion in all aspects of your hologram is the name of the game in Phase 2.

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